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Company Background


Lighting Factory, a one-stop lighting service from design to installation, is your sought-after destination for high quality decorative lighting fixtures which can truly address any level of your lighting imagination with the help of our experienced online marketing team to guide you through the ideal choice of your decorative lighting solutions. At Lighting Factory, our end - users, whether interior decorators or lighting project designers, can enjoy the widest range of our latest decorative lighting designs and products at the most reasonable and affordable prices for both households and projects of any scale.

After long experience in the lighting industry of his family since 1979, Mr. Baramee Vongwongruk, the CEO and the family’s third generation in administra- tion, decided to found a new company under the name ‘Lighting Factory in 2016 in partnership with Mr. Kanchanit Sukhanaphorn, the Design Director & Brand CEO. This business partnership led to subse- quent renovation of the pre-existing 2,400-square meter lighting showroom and warehouse at their former 6,500-square meter textile factory which have currently been transformed into the first lighting showroom ever built at the factory, with the primary purpose of lowering the company’s operat- ing costs to enable provision of most reasonably priced high quality decorative lighting fixtures to customers.


At Lighting Factory , we have been continuously devoting our efforts to digital marketing since our establishment on November 29, 2016 by delivering nothing but the best of our working team's expertise and profound understanding of lighting, together with the availability of products responsive to the most recent trends and innovation in lighting in order to appeal to more interior decorators and lighting project designers. Our constant dedication to provid- ing the best lighting solutions to our customers has won us widespread fame among lighting project designers and placed us as one of the fastest growing lighting companies in Thailand. At present, Lighting Factory market share has seen steady growth domestically and a great promise of expansion into international markets in the very near future.

“In 2018, Lighting Factory was officially appointed Thailand's exclusive dealer for LUCEASON, the luxury Italian brand of lamps under the concept ‘where lighting meets timeless art’. This business trust has allowed a valuable opportunity for coordination in lighting craftsmanship and concepts between Lighting Factory and world-class designers.


Despite the threats from the COVID-19 pandemic, Lighting Factory has never ceased to forge ahead with our business expansion, with the launch of our second studio-like showroom in 2020. Showcased in this new showroom is a comprehensive selection of our one-of-a-kind and unique lighting fixtures both in their appearance and representation, which can guarantee our customers a worthwhile visit, along with up-for-grabs furniture designed by SIRIN and plenty of decorative ornaments for home decor. Inside our new showroom, there are also beautifully-de- signed photography spots ideal for our visitors to appreciate and use for their advertising and commer- cial purposes. and commercial purposes.


 At Lighting Factory, our marketing, sales, and installation teams are deemed indispensable for provision of excellent lighting service to our customers. With 40 years in the lighting industry, we are certain in our years of expertise and customer satisfaction that Lighting Factory Thailand boasts the best installation team who are hospitable, well-mannered, and well-trained to provide lighting and installation services with the highest level of safety and aesthetics for our customers.